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Harness the stored energy of the Earth to heat and cool your home. Clean, efficient geothermal energy takes advantage of the fact that temperatures below the Earth’s surface remain relatively stable throughout the year. You’ll enjoy Even heating and cooling coupled with lower energy bills each and every month. Our experienced staff can install a geothermal system for you, and in most cases, connect it with your existing ductwork.

How does Geo Thermal Heating and Cooling work? Glad you asked! Geothermal energy is often harnessed using a a closed loop system. In a closed loop system, a water-based solution is circulated through a “loop” of small underground pipes. In cold weather, this solution absorbs heat from the Earth and carries it to the geothermal unit. The geothermal system then amplifies the heat and disperses it through your home. In warm weather the process is reversed – excess heat is carried from indoors and put into the Earth. You’ll be able to keep refreshingly cool, even during the hottest summer months.

H&G can complete a loop installation for you, utilizing advanced equipment capable of 18 to 90 degree loop bores. Give us a call to learn more and discuss your needs today!


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