Lease-To-Own Water Heaters & Softeners

With H&G’s H.E.L.P. you can lease-to-own your new water heater or softener without having to worry about maintenance or repairs for the length of the program. You will get to experience H&G’s award winning installation with no down payment or labor costs required.


To get your new water heater or softener, all you have to do is call H&G Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to schedule one of our H.E.L.P. experts to come out and inspect your home. We’ll go over the options with you and help you choose the best product for your home. Call 219-362-1632 today to get started.


This is a FREE analysis and you are under no obligations to continue with the program unless it works for you. Remember – H&G will always be here to to take care of you!


Starting at $29 a month.*


Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien NPE series condensing tankless water heaters deliver customers with an endless supply of hot water for homes of all sizes. This product provides hot water where and when it’s needed while proving to be an economical and environmentally friendly water heater option.


  • Superior energy efficiency over old fashioned tank systems
  • The highest energy efficiency in the industry – up to 0.97 UEF/0.99 EF
  • Energy Star certified
  • 15-year warranty on heat exchangers
  • Requires 80% less space than old fashioned tank heaters
  • Easy to control panel
  • Elegant, clean appearance
  • Improves resale value
  • Ideal for replacements or new construction homes

A.O. Smith Promax Atmospheric

The Promax® 55-gallon Atmospheric Vent is a high-capacity, residential water heater. This model boasts 60,000 BTUs of power and 65-gallon per hour recovery.

This unique combination of storage capacity and high output makes it a well-suited choice for higher demand combination hot water supply and space heating applications.

This model is available in 6-year and 10-year limited warranty models. It’s particularly recommended for larger families with a high demand for hot water, especially where replacement options may be limited due to installation requirements.

The A.O. Smith Promax Atmospheric water heater is a high performing water heater on a number of fronts for atmospheric models, including:

  • Storage capacity
  • Input
  • Output and recovery


Marlo MCV Series Softener

The MCV Series water softener removes hard minerals from your water, leaving it soft, clean, and better tasting. By removing hard minerals from the water, it stops the buildup of mineral scale inside your appliances and plumbing.


  • Flow rates up to 15 GPM per vessel
  • Fully assembled and ready for installation
  • Bypass and 1” brass sweat fittings included
  • Soft water refill reduces cleaning of brine tank
  • Lockout feature limits programming access
  • Variable reserve self-adjusts to usage level
  • Stores system data in non-volatile memory
  • Brine Safety Float is included



  • Dependable fully automatic controls
  • Fewer parts than comparable valves
  • Economy salt saving brine control
  • Automatic bypass during regeneration
  • Outstanding warranty and product assurance
  • Scrolling LED backlit display

*$29 a month plus tax for our introductory water heater. Prices vary based on product.